Tampa Bay Couples Beach Retreat

Rediscover, Reconnect, Rebuild
5-7 April, 2019

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We see in movies couples walking off into the sunset and falling blissfully in love and it seems so romantic.

We want a part of that bliss. We know that in reality life happens; we are pressured to work long hours, clean our homes, take care of our kids and/or parents, and manage busy schedules. Then one day we wake up and look at our partners and think, "who are you?"

That is why Tampa Bay Couples Retreats is here. Our program, created for couples of all backgrounds and sexual orientations, provides that crucial space and time for you to reconnect to your shared bliss, to rekindle passion and to reignite the fire in your relationship.

Imagine waking up to your partner with love, passion and peace.

Tampa Bay Couples Retreats offers a holistic approach to reaching new levels of understanding and connection. Our schedule includes verbal and non-verbal communication workshops, alongside breath work sessions.

Take the first step to making positive and lasting change in your relationship. Learn more about our approach, reach out to licensed marriage and family therapist, Monica Burton, with questions...and sign up for our forthcoming Tampa Bay Couples Retreat on beautiful St. Pete Beach!


5-7th April, 2019

Starting at 6.00pm


St Pete Beach, FL

Hotel Zamora

Nurture your relationship, the right way

  • Discover and rediscover yourself and each other
  • Define passion, compassion and rebuild intimacy through consciousness
  • Learn tools to cultivate and nurture your intimate relationship and develop healthy boundaries
  • Redefine romantic love and rediscover your passion for each other
  • Get hot! Reconnect through exercise!
  • Dissolve energetic and emotional blocks to intimacy
  • Gain healthy guidelines on functional boundaries to maintain integrity and feelings of security and safety

Tampa Bay Couples Beach Retreat

Rediscover, Reconnect, Rebuild

The Tampa Bay Couples Retreat will give you the space and time to nurture and revive your romantic connection.

Tampa Bay Couples Retreats offers a holistic approach to building healthy, strong relationships. Therapist-led communication workshops, blended with couples yoga and breath work, help you nurture a host of meaningful ways to rediscover, reconnect and rebuild! Together, we will identify how to achieve closeness, connection and vitality that you can develop beyond the retreat.

Meet Your Retreat Team

Here to Empower You and Your Relationship

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Hotel Zamora

St Pete Beach, FL

Hotel Zamora

Hotel Zamora is offering special rates for our retreat guests. Explore the beach, relax by the pool, and do a ton of fun activities together after your workshops!

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Tampa Bay Couples Beach Retreat


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